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Conserving Land-Atmosphere Synthesis Suite (CLASS) v1.1


University of New South Wales

Ground Heat Flux (GLDAS, MERRALND, MERRAFLX, NCEP_DOII, NCEP_NCAR), Sensible Heat Flux(GLDAS, MERRALND, MERRAFLX, NCEP_DOII, NCEP_NCAR, MPIBGC, Princeton), Latent Heat Flux(DOLCE1.0), Net Radiation (GLDAS, MERRALND, NCEP_DOII, NCEP_NCAR, ERAI, EBAF4.0), Precipitation(REGEN1.1), Runoff(LORA1.0), Change in Water storage(GRACE(GFZ, JPL, CSR))

2020-01-30: downloaded source from [,,,,,,] 2020-01-30: converted to ILAMB netCDF4 with

Sanaa Hobeichi (2019), Conserving Land-Atmosphere Synthesis Suite (CLASS) v1.1, doi:10.25914/5c872258dc183

Hobeichi, Sanaa and Abramowitz, Gab and Evans, Jason (2020), Conserving Land–Atmosphere Synthesis Suite (CLASS), Journal of Climate, 5, doi:10.1175/JCLI-D-19-0036.1