ILAMB Score Crowdsourcing

Help us learn what scientists think about model performance by clicking on which bias plot you consider to be 'better' from the 20 pairs below. While our intention is for you to select the model with the lower error relative to observations, please use whatever definition of 'better' makes sense to you as you examine the differences between the plots. We will use your collective responses to evaluate how well our methodolgy captures community opinion. For context, each plot represents either the Gross Primary Productivity (gpp), Sensible Heat (hfss), or Surface Air Temperature (tas) bias of a model in the CMIP5 or CMIP6 era, relative to a reference data product. When you are finished, click the 'complete' button to see how well your choices align with our current methodologies. (Privacy note: We are only recording your responses, no personal information is transmitted.)