2016 International Land Model
Benchmarking (ILAMB) Workshop

Draft ILAMB Workshop Report Outline
(Updated April 19, 2016)

  1. Model evaluation and benchmarking concepts and principles – James T. Randerson, Forrest M. Hoffman, William J. Riley, Gretchen Keppel-Aleks, and David M. Lawrence
  2. Benchmarking tools – David M. Lawrence and Gretchen Keppel-Aleks
    1. PALS / PLUMBER – Gab Abramowitz and Martin Best
    2. ESMValTool – Veronika Eyring
    3. NASA LIS Evaluation – Sujay Kumar
    4. ILAMB – James T. Randerson, Forrest M. Hoffman, and David M. Lawrence
    5. Existing model evaluation capabilities in use at modeling centers – Gretchen Keppel-Aleks
    6. Synergies between different benchmarking activities – David M. Lawrence

  3. Existing and new metrics for carbon, water, energy, and ecosystem processes – James T. Randerson and Forrest M. Hoffman
    1. Ecosystem processes and states – Nancy Y. Kiang and Ben Bond-Lamberty
    2. Hydrology – Randal Koster and Hongyi Li
    3. Atmospheric CO2Gretchen Keppel-Aleks and William J. Riley
    4. Soil carbon and nutrient biogeochemistry – Gustaf Hugelius and Jinyun Tang
    5. Surface fluxes (energy and carbon) – Scott Denning and Dan Ricciuto
    6. Vegetation dynamics – Rosie Fisher and Chonggang Xu

  4. Model Intercomparison Project (MIP) benchmarking needs and evaluation priorities – William J. Riley and Peter Gleckler
    1. CMIP6 historical and DECK – David M. Lawrence and Veronika Eyring
    2. C4MIP – Forrest M. Hoffman, Charlie Koven, and James T. Randerson
    3. LS3MIP – Hyungjun Kim, Jiafu Mao, and Andrew Slater
    4. LUMIP – David M. Lawrence, Elena Shevliakova, and Atul K. Jain
    5. TRENDY – Philippe Ciais and Charlie Koven
    6. MsTMIP – Christopher R. Schwalm
    7. PLUME-MIP РAnders Ahlstr̦m

  5. Applications to global syntheses – Yiqi Luo, Sha Zhou, and Chris Lu
  6. Next generation benchmarking challenges and priorities – James T. Randerson and David M. Lawrence
  7. Process-specific experiments – Mathew Williams and Jianyang Xia
    1. Metrics from extreme events – Hyungjun Kim and Maoyi Huang
    2. Design of new perturbation experiments – Martin De Kauwe and Ankur Desai
    3. High latitude processes – Kevin Schaefer, Charlie Koven, and Umakant Mishra
    4. Tropical processes – Nathan McDowell and Paul Moorcroft
    5. Global remote sensing – David Schimel and Shawn Serbin
    6. Fluxnet and other surface hydrology and ecosystem networks – Dennis Baldocchi and Scott Denning

  8. Model benchmarking gaps and synergies – Charlie Koven and Forrest M. Hoffman
    1. Integration with uncertainty quantification frameworks – Maoyi Huang, George Pau, Dan Ricciuto, and Shawn Serbin
    2. Computational requirements for post-processing and workflow – Nathan Collier and Mingquan Mu
    3. Frameworks, Open Model Benchmarking Architecture (OpenMBA) – Forrest M. Hoffman and Nathan Collier
    4. Integration with archival and distribution cyberinfrastructure – Peter Gleckler and Dali Wang
    5. Evaluating new process representations and rapid model development – William J. Riley, Nathan Collier, and David M. Lawrence

  9. Conclusions and next steps (5 and 10 y long term goals) – James T. Randerson
  10. Appendix A. ILAMB Tutorial Materials and Data – Mingquan Mu and Nathan Collier

2016 Washington (USA) Workshop