Obtaining the ILAMB Data with ilamb-fetchΒΆ

In previous tutorials we provided links to download a small dataset for the purposes of demonstration. However we have another mechanism for downloading the observational datasets which ILAMB needs. From a commandline prompt, run ilamb-fetch. You should see output similar to the following:

Comparing remote location:


To local location:


I found the following files which are missing, out of date, or corrupt:


Download replacements? [y/n]

This tool looks at a remote location (by default the location of the land datasets) and compares it to a local location (by defult ILAMB_ROOT or ./). It detects for the presence and version of the data on your local machine and populates a list for download. The tool will then prompt you to rerun to check for file validity.

This tool can be used to download other data collections as well. If you need the ocean IOMB data, then you can change the remote location by running:

ilamb-fetch --remote_root https://www.ilamb.org/IOMB-Data/