International Land Model Benchmarking

As earth system models (ESMs) become increasingly complex, there is a growing need for comprehensive and multi-faceted evaluation of model projections. The International Land Model Benchmarking (ILAMB) project is a model-data intercomparison and integration project designed to improve the performance of land models and, in parallel, improve the design of new measurement campaigns to reduce uncertainties associated with key land surface processes.

28 June 2023 Release of ILAMBv2.7

We are pleased to announce the release of ILAMB v2.7. In addition to many bug fixes and enchancements, this version contains the following content additions:

24 June 2023 Release of the International Ocean Model Benchmarking (IOMB) configuration

The code, datasets, and auxillary files needed to reproduce the analysis described in Fu2022 and which generated figure 5.22 of the AR6 WG1 report (shown below) is now a supported configuration in the ILAMB codebase. You will need to update to at least v2.7 and then use the following resources.

27 April 2023 Virtual Hackathon for ILAMB Watershed Analysis

The Environmental System Science (ESS) Cyberinfrastructure Model-Data Integration Working Group organized a 2-part virtual hackathon which featured ILAMB during the 2nd session. These sessions were organized by Xingyuan Chen (PNNL) and Forrest Hoffman (ORNL) and supported by the RUBISCO SFA, InteRFACE SFA, COMPASS-GLM SFA, PNNL Watershed SFA, NGEE Arctic SFA, ORNL TES SFA, and E3SM SFA. Our portion of the virtual hackathon focus on adapting ILAMB for watershed analysis.

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