The ILAMB benchmarking system is a python package which provides objects and code to organize confronting models with reference datasets. We provide thorough tutorials showing step-by-step how the package is installed, used, and extended. Note that while this python package is meant to be general, our focus has been on confronting land and ocean models on monthly timescales. So while in principle the package may be used to study other aspects of model performance, you may encounter some implicit assumptions we have made and need to add functionality. We welcome pull requests and collaborations.


Separate from the software we use to confront models with reference datasets, we maintain ILAMB-Data where we organize scripts used to format data and discuss new additions or changes that need to be made. Please consider raising an issue if you have a suggestion or know of some error in one of our datasets. If you would like to see what we are working on currently, check out the ILAMB Dataset Integration project board.