This table shows the initial benchmarks and data sources in five topical areas selected for inclusion in the initial implementation of ILAMB.

  Annual Mean Seasonal Cycle Interannual Variability Trend Data Source
Atmospheric CO2
Flask/conc. + transport   NOAA, SIO, CSIRO
TCCON + transport   Caltech
GPP, NEE, TER, LE, H, RN   Fluxnet, MAST-DC
Gridded: GPP ?   MPI-BGC
river flow     GRDC, Dai, GFDL
global runoff/ocean balance       Syed/Famiglietti
albedo (multi-band)     MODIS, CERES
soil moisture     de Jeur, SMAP
column water     GRACE
snow cover AVHRR, GlobSnow
snow depth/SWE CMC (N. America)
Tair & P CRUP, GPCP and TRMM
Gridded: LE, H     MPI-BGC, dedicated ET
Ecosystem Processes & State
soil C, N       HWSD, MPI-BGC
litter C, N       LIDET
soil respiration Bond-Lamberty
biomass & change     Saatchi, Pan, Blackard
canopy height       Lefsky, Fisher
NPP       EMDI, Luyssaert
Vegetation Dynamics
fire — burned area   GFED3
wood harvest     Hurtt
land cover       MODIS PFT fraction
Updated on September 19, 2011