Diagnosing Missing Model Values with ilamb-doctorΒΆ

In a previous tutorial we covered how a model can be added to the analysis. However, it can be challenging to know which variables are needed. To this end we have created a tool called ilamb-doctor which tries to diagnose what is incorrect or missing from a given analysis. It takes options similar to ilamb-run and is used in the following way:

[ILAMB/test]$ ilamb-doctor --config test.cfg --model_root ${ILAMB_ROOT}/MODELS/CLM

Searching for model results in /Users/ncf/ILAMB//MODELS/CLM


We will now look in each model for the variables in the ILAMB
configure file you specified (test.cfg). The color green is used to reflect
which variables were found in the model. The color red is used to
reflect that a model is missing a required variable.

                           Biomass/GlobalCarbon CLM40n16r228 biomass or cVeg
               GrossPrimaryProductivity/Fluxnet CLM40n16r228 gpp
                  GrossPrimaryProductivity/GBAF CLM40n16r228 gpp
        GlobalNetEcosystemCarbonBalance/Hoffman CLM40n16r228 nbp
                      NetEcosystemExchange/GBAF CLM40n16r228 gpp, rh, and ra
           TerrestrialWaterStorageAnomaly/GRACE CLM40n16r228 tws
                                   Albedo/MODIS CLM40n16r228 rsus and rsds
                      SurfaceAirTemperature/CRU CLM40n16r228 tas
                            Precipitation/GPCP2 CLM40n16r228 pr
                           Biomass/GlobalCarbon CLM45n16r228 biomass or cVeg
               GrossPrimaryProductivity/Fluxnet CLM45n16r228 gpp
                  GrossPrimaryProductivity/GBAF CLM45n16r228 gpp
        GlobalNetEcosystemCarbonBalance/Hoffman CLM45n16r228 nbp
                      NetEcosystemExchange/GBAF CLM45n16r228 gpp, rh, and ra
           TerrestrialWaterStorageAnomaly/GRACE CLM45n16r228 tws
                                   Albedo/MODIS CLM45n16r228 rsus and rsds
                      SurfaceAirTemperature/CRU CLM45n16r228 tas
                            Precipitation/GPCP2 CLM45n16r228 pr
                           Biomass/GlobalCarbon CLM50n18r229 biomass or cVeg
               GrossPrimaryProductivity/Fluxnet CLM50n18r229 gpp
                  GrossPrimaryProductivity/GBAF CLM50n18r229 gpp
        GlobalNetEcosystemCarbonBalance/Hoffman CLM50n18r229 nbp
                      NetEcosystemExchange/GBAF CLM50n18r229 gpp, rh, and ra
           TerrestrialWaterStorageAnomaly/GRACE CLM50n18r229 tws
                                   Albedo/MODIS CLM50n18r229 rsus and rsds
                      SurfaceAirTemperature/CRU CLM50n18r229 tas
                            Precipitation/GPCP2 CLM50n18r229 pr

Here we have run the command on some inputs in our test directory. You will see a list of the confrontations we run and the variables which are required or their synonyms. What is missing in this tutorial is the text coloring which will indicate if a given model has the required variables.

In the future we will add more intelligence to this tool to help diagnose potential problems.